Heartbleed Bug and Norton's protection against the vulnerability

The computer bug called heartbleed made the headlines in the last couple of years for being a serious threat to the online security. The bug is related to the OpenSSL cryptography library, a commonly used implementation of the TLS protocol. In all honesty, the heartbleed scare is not without a reason.

Heartbleed Bug and vulnerability

Basically, what this bug can do is to allow the cyber criminals to steal the data from the servers. The worst thing is that if an attack happened, you would have no idea, as heartbleed bug allows the hackers to steal your files without leaving a trace.

Norton Products and Heartbleed Bug

The truth is that some of the programs developed by Norton did contain an OpenSSL library with heartbleed vulnerability. Still, according to the people from Norton support, there’s no need to panic, even if you’re using Norton 360, Norton Internet Security, or Norton Antivirus to keep your computer safe.

These three antivirus programs were affected by the bug, but you got nothing to worry. The chance that you could suffer as a result of the bug is close to zero. The reason why you’re safe lies in the way the hacking attacks work. In order to be able to steal your data, the hackers need access to malicious servers. Unfortunately for them, none of the Norton antivirus programs uses such servers. Instead, Norton products communicate only with Norton servers!

How to Be 100% sure that you’re Safe?

One of the best ways to make sure that all of your files are safeis to ask professionals to do a security audit. This is where we step in. You can give us a call at our Norton support number if you want to do a full security checkup of your computer. Our team will help you find the weak spots and strengthen them.

We can also help you find out if your system has been under the attack of cyber criminals and whether they’ve managed to steal something from you. On top of everything, you can give us a call if you think that your Norton antimalware program is not keeping you fully safe.

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