How to Fix Norton Antivirus Error 8504, 104?

Symantec users often contact us to complain about receiving 8504 and 104 error messages. The errors are usually caused by a previously installed security product that’s now conflicting with Norton. Another common reason why this happens is that something went wrong during the reinstall or upgrade of the Norton security product.

fix norton 8504,104 error

There is no ultimate solution to this problem. Instead, you might try to fix it in several ways. The first one is to reinstall your Norton security program. In order to do it, follow these steps:

  • Step 1 – Download the tool called Norton Remove and Reinstall, which you can find on this link
  • Step 2 – When downloaded, open the installer
  • Step 3 – Agree with the license agreement and start the installation
  • Step 4 – When done with the installation, run Norton Remove and Reinstall
  • Step 5 – Go to the Advanced Options and choose Remove Only
  • Step 6 – Click Remove, then choose Restart Now to finish the job

Once you’re done with removing the old Norton antivirus from your computer, all that’s left is to install a new Norton program. If done properly, the issue will resolve and you’ll never ever get the errors 8504 and 104!

But, the cause of the problem might not be in Norton, but in another antivirus product. The key is to remove it from your computer. If you have two antivirus programs on your PC (one Norton and one non-Norton product), they might be in a conflict! The solution to the problem is to remove the non-Norton product.

To do this, simply go to the list of currently installed programs and de-install all security products you don’t need. In order to find the programs, run the dialog box (Windows key + R) and type in ‘appwiz.cpl’. As a result, you will get a list of programs before you.

If neither of these methods solves the problem, you might want to ask experts for help. If you live in Australia, you are lucky as Norton support team is there for you. Just give them a call and they will help you find the right solution to this problem.

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