List of Norton's Common Issues

How to Find My Norton Antivirus Product Key?

You might need your Norton product key for several reasons. One of the most common is to activate your subscription. Regardless of the reason, finding the product key is something that can be done...

How do I change my online Vault password?

Norton Vault was developed with one purpose – to keep your private data private. No one besides you need to know your passwords, credit card PINs, and other important information. But, because this...

How to Recover Removed Files from Quarantine by Norton?

Norton is very good in spotting and removing potentially harmful files from your computer. In fact, the chances are high that this antivirus has already cleaned your computer from all malware. However...

How do I install Norton Security onto my Android device?

A great thing about Norton products is that they can keep all of your devices safe from hackers and viruses. This doesn’t include only computers, but smartphones as well. One of the best ways to...

How to fix the "8504,104" error that shows up on Norton?

Symantec users often contact us to complain about receiving 8504 and 104 error messages. The errors are usually caused by a previously installed security product that’s now conflicting with Norton. Another...

What is Heartbleed Bug?- Norton Security

The computer bug called heartbleed made the headlines in the last couple of years for being a serious threat to the online security. The bug is related to the OpenSSL cryptography library, a commonly...

What is Norton Security Scan?

Did you know that you don’t have to spend any money in order to keep your computer safe? You can scan it for malware and other dangerous threats by using a free tool called Norton Security Scan. The tool...

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